Keep Going

image“I set a goal earlier in my life to be a newscaster.”

Announced today, June 10, long time Phoenix Suns broadcaster Al McCoy will be honored in the birthplace of basketball, Springfield, Massachusetts this September.

Since his humble beginnings a farm boy in Iowa, McCoy has overcome obstacles such as employers telling him he wasn’t cut out for the business of being an on air personality. Despite this, McCoy says,

“Set your goals high but realize you won’t achieve them on the first try. “

This award comes to McCoy after four decades broadcasting the Phoenix Suns games.

From his days listening to the radio broadcast giants of his time, McCoy has developed the ability to “paint word pictures,” which allow him to reach audiences like never before.

When asked about what it meant to win the Curt Gowdy Media Award, McCoy said,

“To recieve this award is something I could only dream about.”

Being in a profession for over four decades is a herculean task that not many people are able or willing to do. However, as McCoy says,

“It takes a very special family to deal with a strenuous schedule which we have in the sports world.”

With his oldest son now in broadcasting himself, both his personal and work lives have proven to be successful. However, with “preparation and concentration,” anyone can be successful if they just really dedicate themselves to it.



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