The beginning of the end

Day three here at the Walter Cronkite Summer Journalism Institute and our assignments have been officially handed out for our online production. The feeling of a deadline is hanging heavily in the air as we all take in the fact that our three stories, each of which need a photo or video, and need sources that have been talked to in person, will be due in about a week.

Everyone is busily typing and trying to figure out exactly how to accomplish the fact. At this point, it seems, for me at least, that now it is not so much about the experience of being at the Institute but once again being slammed into deadline week.

Sleeping for a solid 8 hours has become a thing of the past and each day is proving to be crammed with more and more production tasks, which I feel are sucking the life out of me.

I’m extremely nervous to interview people because I’m always so intimidated, and others seem to have much more authority than I do. People scare me, and that isn’t such a good thing when you are aspiring to be a journalist- or any kind of writer really.

Well, back to work.

Much love, Nicole


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