One and done

Only a few hours separate us from the second week here at SJI. Most of the students will be going home for the weekend, well actually more like a day and a half, seeing as we need to be back here by about 7pm on Sunday.

Sunday is also Father’s Day, and I feel a little guilty for making my dad drive us all the way back to Phoenix on one out of his two special days of the year, the first one being his birthday of course.

In this first week, we learned all the basics of being a journalist and more. Here is a list of our accomplishments and endeavors:

  • mock press conference with Phoenix Suns announcer Al McCoy
  • the basics of journalistic writing
  • the basics of taking and editing video on Apple computers
  • the basics of taking a good photo
  • setting up our own blogs as well as a group blog, see: Devil’s Dish
  • the good and bad of web design, i.e. what works and what doesn’t
  • a simulation of interviewing people at the scene of a breaking news story
  • basics of how to interview people, i.e. strategies based on your subject

As you all (three of you) are able to see, we have accomplished so much in our first week here at SJI, and I couldn’t be more happy that I chose to apply for this wonderful program.

If you are interested in the program or would like to keep up with all of our activities next week, follow @Cronkite_ASU and #SJI14 on Twitter and @AnitaLuera on Instagram.

There is always my personal accounts, which you can find on my about page.

Much Love,




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