Weekend woes and things to come

During the regular school year, students rejoice at the end of a Friday for the weekend away from learning that lies ahead of them.

Not the weekend in between sessions at SJI.

At least not for me.

The first week was filled with newness and excitement that I don’t think any of us, the participants, expected when we first walked through the front doors at Taylor Place.

I haven’t seen my SJI friends for almost 24 hours now, yet it seems like its been an eternity. But, some eternities are bigger than others I guess (i.e. some INFINITIES are bigger than other INFINITES, thank you John Green).

18 hours. The time spent with my SJI friends each day during the first week staying at Taylor Place.

6.5 hours. The length I was able to sleep each day I was there.

80%. How sure I am that the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication is the school for me.

100%. How sure I am that I will miss all my SJI friends when this is over, and how assured I am that this experience is one of the best I will ever have.

I am looking forward to the next week that I have will of my Digital Media and Broadcast friends at SJI,

Sleep well while you all can.

Much Love,


Follow the #SJI on Twitter for follow ups, and @Cronkite_ASU, @AnitaLuera for information on the program and the wonderfulness of the school year round!


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