Happy Father’s Day to one and all, especially those of you reading this who are fathers (thank you, dad).

My dad has been a father for 17 years, and personally, I believe he is doing a swimmingly good job at it. He has been with me through the roughest year I’ve had so far in my life, and I doubt I’ll ever be able to thank him properly.

To those fathers who are serving overseas away from their families,

I salute you all. Your service and sacrifice for this country is greater than even the most patriotic person could imagine. I hope that on this, your special day of the year, you find your way home to your families, or find a way to contact them. You give so much to this country, to your families, and to yourselves. Thank you.

My father was never in the army, the marines, the navy or the air force, however the majority of males and females in my family have been, and I would like to thank my grandfathers, all of them, for serving the country and making it home to their families, because if they hadn’t, perhaps I wouldn’t be here today, or the life I lead would be very different.

Happy Father’s Day to one and all,

Much Love,


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