Funding the future

Visit Arizona State University’s website and anyone will be able to find a number of scholarships that are applicable to students of any creed, race, financial standing, education level or gender.

ASU Freshman Admissions Counselor Erin Eldridge says, “We have plenty of scholarships available for our students; at our peak time we offer nearly 400 different ASU-affiliated scholarships that students may apply for.”

Many of these scholarships do not have a minimum GPA or SAT/ ACT scores. This provides an advantage to many students who; while their dream is to go to college have a hard time taking tests or even have learning disabilities.

ASU’s scholarship search is an innovative tool which allows students to input their specific financial and grade situations to find scholarships best suited to them.

On June 16, 2014 ASU announced that, “We are proud to announce a new collaboration with Starbucks Coffee that will allow Starbucks partners to finish a bachelor’s degree via ASU Online. The program will provide access to higher education, which otherwise may be unavailable due to cost barriers,” this excerpt taken from Google+.

The scholarships that ASU provides links for online do not only come from inside the university, but outside as well from private investors or groups looking to fund specific types of students.

“Students can find some helpful websites where those are listed on the following ASU website under ‘Search for Outside Scholarships’,” Erin Eldridge says.

According to an article in Forbes in 2012, since 1985, the college inflation rate has increase by 500 percent, while at the same time, the annual household income has risen only 147 percent since 1982.

“College is really expensive. Any chance I get, I look up different types of scholarships. The ASU scholarship search is so helpful, because it brings my attention to scholarships that I wouldn’t have found otherwise,” said Red Mountain High School Lindsey Ibarra.

For more information about scholarships or admission requirements for incoming freshman or even current students, contact your local admissions advisor, who can be found on the ASU website.

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