The Beatles, Broadcast and Me

Today we were all given the assignment to work with the Broadcast students and create a music video with a song that we chose at random.

Unfortunately for my group, we had last choice, and since there were only five selections and five groups, we were stuck with whatever was left after everyone else.

The Beatles part of all of this is that the song we got stuck with was “Get Back.”

There isn’t anything wrong with the song, however when we are supposed to make a fun music video out of it, it’s kind of a bummer.

So far, our entire idea consists of us laying around in a park, acting like we are admittedly high because that’s what most of the song is about.

With all of the other things on our plates, it is going to be extremely difficult to get all of this done by 1pm on Thursday.

I’ll admit that I am excited for the rest of the week, tomorrow the Digital Media group will be visiting the Phoenix Mercury at US Airways Arena, followed by studio tours the rest of the week and an exciting “Ice Cream Splash” on Thursday before the closing ceremony on Friday at around lunch time.

Even though I am suffering from a severe lack of sleep, my time here at SJI has been wonderful, and I will really miss it. I will also really miss the friends that I made here.

Much Love,



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