Stress and relief

Our time here at SJI is growing shorter and shorter. Every hour now feels like a minute. Every minute feels like a second.

We were given the task two days ago to create a music video for a song we – as a group which was also chosen at random- random selected. Our group, consisting of three Broadcast students and three Digital Media students received: “Get Back” by the Beatles.

Now, we weren’t particularly happy about getting that song because, it’s slower than the others (Let It Go, Pompeii, The Feeling and Best Day of My Life). Also, the Beatles don’t have what we think a music video should be today.

Despite this, filming the video was really fun. We had some ideas of filming in the park across the street, however there were restrictions on time and where and when we could leave either Taylor Place or the main Cronkite building.

Our video is a mash up of all six of us acting goofy and dancing for the camera, with snippets of us acting straight up creepy. There isn’t really a story behind our video, but just the same, I think it will be one of the best ones we get to view on Friday before we leave.

Also, yesterday we were assigned to broadcast a short radio show for Thursday. Let me just say that I’m glad I’m in Digital Media and not Broadcast. My stress level would be so much higher if I wasn’t.

Tonight we are going to a D-Backs game, which I’m kind of excited for, except I don’t think baseball is worth the hype. It will be a fun bonding experience for all of us until we go swimming at the Sun Devil Fitness Center tomorrow.

I’ll be sure to keep all of you posted.

Much Love,



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