The absence of rain

The desert has been hot and dry, with only a whisper of a wind to relieve tourists and natives alike.

Monsoon season is drawing near, but it isn’t coming soon enough. It has been an astounding 56 days without rain in the metro Phoenix area. The last time it rained, it was April. You all know the saying,

“April showers bring May flowers.”

Well, in April, we did get a little bit of rain, however May was not filled with very many flowers.

The grass in the park is turning brown and yellow. Everything seems burnt. Walking around on the sidewalk practically burns through the soles in my shoes.

This summer has been very dry, drier than usual. Most of you know I am from Arizona, so you must be thinking, “Well, it’s a dry heat.” But I don’t think you really understand just how dry it has been.

As soon as I step outside, any moisture that was once in my face disappears. My lips dry out and crack, despite my best efforts to moisten them. However, as soon as I attempt to lick my lips, the inside of my mouth immediately dries out as though a dust storm has found its way in there.

The absence of rain is particularly troubling for me. I love rain. Everything about it makes me feel like I’m at home. The smell of the desert after it rains is the background of my childhood, and I can never get enough. A lot of people hate the smell of the wet dirt, and the cloudy skies, especially when people move to Arizona to escape weather like that.

As much as I love the smell of Arizona when it rains, I hate that it doesn’t happen that often. That’s why some time in my future, I want to move somewhere it rains all the time; Seattle.

I know, Seattle has really high suicide rates, and it’s a fairly dangerous city because of its size, but the atmosphere, and the history of the city is something that I’ve basically fallen in love with.

Nirvana, Starbucks, Twilight, Bill Gates. The list goes on and on. I love Seattle, and I love rain.

In the heat of the summer

In the heat of the desert

What I hate the most, is

The absence of rain.


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