#10 // Scar // Cloud Control


It isn’t something to joke about. It isn’t something to romanticize.

While I find both of these statements to be true, this song by Cloud Control is captivating, and beautiful. The song’s subject isn’t something that’s bright and cheery, or at all fit for summer, but it’s certainly something to think about for the months to come as eventually, the heat of the summer is drowned out by the bitter cold of winter.

This song in particular came out about a year ago, and I’m not entirely sure it’s about suicide. I mean, the song could be about murdering someone for all I know, I just know that someone in the song definitely dies.

I hate to break apart your life this early on
But when the morning light arrives, I’ll be gone

There seems to be a double meaning in this lyric in particular. The first line could mean that this person, whether male or female believes that if he kills himself, the person he loves will want to kill themselves. It could also mean that he or she is going to kill whoever he or she loves. Perhaps because the person they love doesn’t love them enough in their eyes.

It’s just so hard
Even if I try
I will not lie
I want a scar
Look at you so fly
Make me high

Or maybe, the person he or she loves doesn’t love them at all and they are hoping that if they draw attention to themselves in any way possible, the person that they love will recognize them.

No matter what the meaning of the song, or the lack of actual meaning of the song for that matter, the sounds in the song are in a way, hauntingly beautiful. Maybe the right word there isn’t haunting, but rather deep, if any of you can imagine deep being a word to describe sound. I especially love the tambourine, or the maracas, whatever type of shaken instrument is used at the end of the song.

I honestly hope that the rest of my little countdown will be much better written and more interesting for those of you who take precious time out of your day to read these. Thank for doing so, by the way. It’s greatly appreciated!

Much Love,



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