#7 // Biting Down // Lorde

I’m a little biased putting one of Lorde’s songs on the countdown, but I think the message of this song is just really great, and I think it applies to just about everyone.

Part of me wants to believe that this song is about saying no to drugs, but based on other songs by Lorde, I can’t really believe that because she believes in people doing their own thing, making themselves happy.

Another part of me knows the song is about something much more relevant to all types of people. It’s about “biting your tongue.”

It feels better biting down [x6]
Skip a hit, don’t make a sound
(It feels better biting down)
Breathed so deep I thought I’d drown
(It feels better biting down)
Listen to the beats resound
(It feels better biting down)
It feels better biting down
(It feels better biting down) [x3]

These lyrics describe centering yourself before verbally attacking someone else. It’s about taking the high road. If someone says something that you find untrue or offensive, this song is about biting down on your tongue, taking a deep breath and calming down by listening to the beat of your heart.

The lyrics above are the only ones in the song, except for two lines that are repeated towards the end of the song.

The electronics of your heart
See how fast they fall apart
(It feels better biting down)

This verse makes me believe that this song is about heartbreak, as most songs are. This line is about a heart literally breaking. So then with this information, I want to think that the song means that holding back emotions after heartbreak is what’s best.

I love this song. I love that there are so many different meanings behind so few lyrics.

Now that I’ve obsessed over the lyrics, I’d like to obsess over the drum beats throughout the song. They don’t follow heartbeats necessarily, but that’s what they remind me of. Maybe because she talks about “the electronics of your heart” towards the end of the song.

Maybe it’s because when I get in a situation where I have to bite my tongue, my heartbeat gets really odd, and off beat.

I love Lorde, and I hope you all find it in your hearts to love this song as much as I do.

Stay tuned for #6 tomorrow on my Top 10 Songs of the Summer Countdown!

Much Love,



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