#6 // Magic // Coldplay

The sound of this song is absolutely heartbreaking, especially if you know why and who it was initially written by.

Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay, recently divorced  actress Gwenyth Paltrow after being married for a decade. This song seems to me like a tribute to their relationship. Not many couples in Hollywood stay together for as long as they did, and lyrics like the following make me think that the parting wasn’t mutual.

I don’t, no, I don’t, no, I don’t, no, I don’t want anybody else but you
I don’t, no, I don’t, no, I don’t, no, I don’t
No, I don’t,
It’s true

Martin stated that he wouldn’t get married again after being with Paltrow, and I want to believe that’s because he still loves her even after they decided to divorce.

The title of the song, “Magic,” symbolizes the fact that they did stay together for so long in a world that is quickly becoming dominated by divorce. It’s magical that he still feels this way about her, even if she no longer does. To him, it seems like a miracle and maybe even a blessing that he still feels this way about her, he even says, “I can’t get over you,” in the song.

The beginning is an acceptance of what happens, how he feels being separated from her, yet it highlights the way he feels about Paltrow even after the split.

Call it magic
Call it true
Call it magic
When I’m with you
And I just got broken
Broken into two
Still I call it magic
When I’m next to you

The rhythm of the song is something you could waltz to. A slow dance between two people who love each other is often what I picture when I listen to this song. That’s just my personal opinion, but it seems right. Also throughout the song, there is a constant beat that I describe as a jagged heartbeat. It’s steady at times, but has irregularities, perhaps much like Martin and Paltrow’s relationship.

There is no doubt in my mind that Martin still loves Paltrow, he isn’t trying to just sell songs, he means what he is writing.
And if you were to ask me
After all that we’ve been through
Still believe in magic
Oh yes I do
Oh yes I do
Yes I do
Oh yes I do
Of course I do

Stay tuned for #5 on my Top 10 Songs of the Summer Countdown!

Much Love,



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