#4 // Boom Clap // Charli XCX

I will admit, begrudgingly, that in choosing this song, I’m a bit of a sell out to popular culture. I, like any typical “white girl” living in 2014, am nearly obsessed with “The Fault in Our Stars” by the mastermind himself, John Green.

It is impossible not to mention this book/ movie when talking about this song, because it’s one of the most memorable and catchy off of “The Fault in Our Stars” soundtrack. Also, the video itself is a tribute to the movie, with some of the most memorable scenes played while Charli XCX sings and dances around what I presume to be Amsterdam.

The main reason I chose this song for my countdown is because I know it’s already a summer hit because of the success of the movie. That’s the reason I call myself a sellout in this post. I already know that this song is popular, so I’m putting on my countdown.

There isn’t a whole lot of reasoning behind listening to the lyrics because mostly, it’s about teenage love, and while I’m not wild about that, I know that just about everyone else my age is. I know this song is already popular, and it will only continue to grow. I know that this post might be my most popular just because I tagged “The Fault in Our Stars” to it.

I will talk about the instrumental and electronic sounds that create a beautiful background for the lyrics still.

There are literal claps in the background as Charli sings, “clap,” which I think is both delightful and genius. They didn’t have to include that, but they did and I think that’s kind of genius. Also, the song speeds up and slows down at just the right moments, which reminds me of teenage relationships. There are times where things are new and easy, and teens take it slow, but then it speeds up, becoming almost dangerous, and then it lulls eventually again.

You’re picture perfect blue
Sunbathing on the moon
Stars shining as your bones illuminate
First kiss just like a drug
Under your influence
You take me over you’re the magic in my veins
This must be love

That’s really all I have to say about this song, because it isn’t as complex as many of the others I’ve profiled on my countdown, but I hope you all listen to it regardless, because I really do love how catchy it is. However, here are a few more lyrics just to tickle your ears taste bud. It’s the chorus, and also the catchiest part of the song. Enjoy.

Boom Clap
The sound of my heart
The beat goes on and on and on and on and
Boom Clap
You make me feel good
Come on to me come on to me now
Boom Clap
The sound of my heart
The beat goes on and on and on and on and
Boom Clap
You make me feel good
Come on to me come on to me now

Stay tuned for #3 on my Top 10 Songs of the Summer Countdown, only here, on raised by the internet!

Much Love,



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