Raised by the Internet

My blog is called “raised by the internet,” and for a specific reason.

Growing up in the “digital age,” I, and every single one of my peers would be at a severe disadvantage without the Internet.

We use it in class to watch “crash course” videos by the Vlogbrothers, John and Hank Green, we use it on our phones, to Google a fact really quickly as we rush to finish our homework before class starts, and we use it to actually do our homework before it’s due with our laptops as we scour Wikipedia for usable information in an essay that’s due the next day.

Also without the Internet, I wouldn’t be as connected to the world while I’m in school, as when I’m at home.

I want to be a journalist, specifically a web/print journalist, because you guessed it, I love writing. Why does this matter in an essay about how the Internet has shaped and become the most essential tool for me?

Well for starters, most of the information that both I and my peers receive comes from some online source, whether it be the latest trending topic on Twitter, or a news update from our ABC News app, we simply aren’t reading news papers, and definitely aren’t watching TV while at lunch on campus.

What this means for aspiring print journalists like me, is that we need to move all of our content online. How would we be able to do this without the Internet? It’s simple. We wouldn’t be able too. Now, if we didn’t have the Internet, print journalists would still be in high demand for newspapers and magazines, but it wouldn’t be nearly the same.

As print journalism moves online, writers become known for the quality, accuracy, and speed of their writing. Getting the information out as quickly as possible has always been the goal. With the introduction of the Internet to the field, we have almost reached that level of speed.

Honestly, the only way to get any faster would be to write quality work while at the scene of the latest breaking story, and post it word for word as it is written online. I’m sure that in the next few years, or within the next decade at most, that is going to become normal, and anything older than a few seconds will quickly become obsolete.

As time has moved us all farther and farther into the “digital age,” promoting progress and speed, the Internet as become the tool used by students across the United States, as well as students in other countries. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to write, or rather type, this blog post, and therefore I wouldn’t be able to apply for this online scholarship.

Not being able to apply for this scholarship would be very detrimental to me, because then I wouldn’t be much closer to being able to afford going to the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. For me, that simply won’t do.

Thank you.

Much Love,


(This blog post was written for the InternetProviders.com Scholarship WHICH DOESN’T EVEN APPLY TO ME OMG. THAT WAS A WASTE OF TIME.)


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