RMHS Class of 2K15

The new school year is nigh. 

There are only three days left until the hallowed halls of Red Mountain High School will be filled to capacity with budding doctors and lawyers as well as the general riff raff found in any high school. 

The band students have already been hard at work doing whatever it is they do on the practice football field at the ungodly hour of 5:00 AM.

Student Council has been on campus the past few weeks as well, attempting to form some semblance of a student government, though let’s face it, it probably won’t be that impressive. Student Council is great if you go to a school where people care about that sort of thing.

Magazine and Yearbook students are also hard at work creating this years’ style sheets and sharing ideas to make this the best year either has ever seen. *As a member of Magazine, I already know what this year’s yearbook theme is, but I think I’ll save that information till later.*

I can’t believe it’s already August.

Since two days ago, that’s basically all I’ve seen on Twitter because it has all dawned on us that the end is near. Only 290 days separate the senior class of 2015 from entering the real world.

I think it’s safe to say that there are two types of seniors. Those who can’t wait to get out of high school and start their “real lives,” and those who are beyond freaking out because they have to start their real lives.

I belong to the latter group.

I honestly never thought that I would make it this far. 2015 always seemed like it was too far away to be an actual year. While it isn’t 2015 yet it’s so close that I think I can actually feel it. I’m not entirely sure I’m even remotely ready to face the future. I have an idea at least of what I want to do, but is that enough? Also, I have only had one job experience and that did not go well at all. Let’s just say I don’t have a future in Customer Service and leave it at that.

Am I ready to be an adult? The only answer to that question is: I have to be. I turn 18 in four months. FOUR MONTHS. I never thought I’d get that “old.”

Regardless of all that information I just dumped on you, I want this school year to be the best one yet. Well actually, I’ve hoped that each new school year would be the best however, this is the year that it really counts. It’s finally my last year, and then off to college where I’ll hopefully get my life figured out.

I’ve already made up a senior year bucket list and the gist of it is, I want to kick some ass this year. I want to rule the school basically in any way that I can, mostly on the magazine front, and most of all, to graduate.

I’m not in the top of the class, but I’m not in the bottom of the class either and I’ve really come to accept both those facts. As much as I would like to be one of the smartest students in the school, that just really isn’t in the cards for me.

Anyway, good luck Class of 2K15, I love you. Let’s have the best year ever and take the world by storm.

Much Love,




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