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Courtesy of my fantastic magazine adviser Jan Saquella, I was given the opportunity to see an advanced screening of “What If” starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan early Thursday evening.
I am so lucky that what I do opens doors.



I absolutely adored this movie. Yes, technically, it is a chick flick, however, I was accompanied by a young man who also enjoyed the movie.

Daniel Radcliffe, despite being known almost exclusively as Harry Potter, becomes his character. Gone is the eleven year-old boy being sorted into Gryffindor.

The premise of the movie is that Walter-Daniel Radcliffe- has spent the last year nearly isolated from people after breaking up with his cheating ex-girlfriend. But one night, he ventures out and attends a party held by his best friend and old college roommate Alan where he meets a girl named Chanty-Zoe Kazan. After bonding over refrigerator magnet poems, Walter walks Chanty home and finds she has a boyfriend.

To me, that was just a huge bummer.

Anyway, the plot both thickened and thinned throughout the movie with a definite “will they won’t they” vibe as Chanty and Wallace test each other.

The names are odd, but the movie takes place in Toronto, Canada so just go with it.

Overall, the story was predictable, definitely something the avid chick-flick watcher should see. While it was predictable, it was fun and upbeat most of the time with quirky and geeky jokes that connect with almost any age group (the theatre I was in was in a near uproar during some scenes).

Knowing I was going to write a review of the movie, I paid attention to the smallest of details in the movie including the sub plot lines such as; Walter’s relationship with his sister, Chanty’s experience with her mother, and the overall experienceof being in and out of love. The sub plot lines made this a four heart movie for me, by the way.

What I also noticed was the music which was skillfully woven between crucial moments of the movie. This may be the indie, alternative music loving side of me, but at the same time, while I am biased to that kind of music, the eclectic mix suited the characters on screen.

I definitely recommend seeing this movie. If not for the story line, at least go to see our young Harry playing a grown up role.

Be sure to bring some Fool’s Gold with you for a snack. 😉

Much Love,



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