There comes a time in everyone’s life where they face a moment of complete mortification. For some people, it comes earlier than others.

I thought my moment of mortification was back when I was 10 and slipped face first into Lake Superior at a family reunion. I thought that was embarrassing. At least I was surrounded by family members.

Today, in AP Government, I had my most recent moment of mortification.

Unlike my usual habit of sitting in the back of the class without answering questions I know the answers too, I answered a bunch, about the Ebola virus, and who is running for Arizona Governor. I got cocky.

After successfully naming where the Ebola cure was developed (ASU) and what the main ingredient in the drug was (tobacco), as well as listing two of the six gubernatorial candidates (Doug Ducey, Christine Jones), I tried to name a third, and three really isn’t a lucky number for me.

On my third attempt, I named Vernon Davis as another candidate for Arizona Governor.


How dumb could I be? What I meant to say was Vernon Parker, even though he’s actually running for something else, not for governor. Vernon Davis is in the NFL and plays for the San Francisco 49ers. As was so aptly brought to everyone’s attention by a Mr. Dobbins, I as a Seattle Seahawks fan, should know that since the 49ers are in the same division as the Seahawks, making them rivals.

That really doesn’t sound that humiliating because obviously it was a slip of the tongue and I confused last names, but still. As a self promoting football fan, I should be more careful about those kinds of things.

I’m an idiot. But then again, at some point we all are.

Much Love,



2 thoughts on “Mortified

  1. hayleygorman says:

    Nicole, I love you. Haha. I embarrassed myself in my ap gov class last year. We were taking a test and I had my legs crossed. So when I got up to turn in my test my legs were asleep. So I fell in front of my entire class and I was wobbling around. It was the most embarrassing thing ever. So yay for us for doing embarrassing things.

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