ED SHEERAN and I: Hitting the Floor

Sunday Aug. 31, I was given the fantastic opportunity to see Ed Sheeran LIVE IN CONCERT courtesy of one of my dear friends. 


Ok. So on our way to the concert, I thought we had actual seats, right? Because where else would a person be during a concert? WOW. I was so beyond wrong. Not only were the “seats” not actual seats, they were spots on THE FLOOR.

I was honestly disappointed when I figured that out by looking at the tickets, sorry friend, but then when the concert actually started, I realized that THE FLOOR is the only way anyone should ever experience a concert.

From the very beginning when Rudimental opened the night, I knew this would be even better than when I saw Lorde. As much as I love Ella, I should have gotten myself closer to the stage because from the THIRD BALCONY, I couldn’t see her face, or fully appreciate the experience. This concert was in a whole other arena of amazing.

Dancing around and bumping into people I didn’t know AT ALL was such an awesome experience I didn’t think I’d ever have. I like my personal bubble just as much as the next person, but being so close to so many people hearing and feeling the same things I was was something that no one should miss out on. If you have the opportunity and the money to go to a concert, get a “seat” on THE FLOOR. I promise you won’t regret it.


Ed got so intense on his guitar that the sound shook absolutely every part of my body. I actually though I was going to combust at some point because the bass and overall music was so overwhelming.

I honestly think that he sounds better live than he does on his albums. When he sings to an audience, he really interacts with them and has people scream his lyrics back to him, which I found unique and brilliant. I would also like to mention that his songs are much longer when sung live. I LOVED THAT. Probably more than the concert experience itself. There were at least two songs where he just went ballistic on his guitar, strumming chords over and over and slapping the side creating even better sounding resonance in the arena. He also sung with more emotion than what he portrays on his albums. I like emotion.

There was a small moment in the middle of “One” that I was a little awestruck. It’s not some great event that will never be repeated at any other concert, but anyway. Everyone took out their phone and used it like a lighter. It was beautiful.


Ed’s performance of this song was hands down my favorite. I think it’s about suicide, but I’m wrong a lot so don’t use me as a source for factual information. There were parts that were sung slowly, some parts faster, the colors and images on the screen were utterly perfect.
Much Love,






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