Plaid is Rad

I feel so strongly about plaid that I need to blog about it.

I LOVE plaid. I’m not sure why. OK, I know exactly why actually. Plaid makes everything seem “grungy,” is that even a word? I doubt it. Anyway, plaid just makes everything seem more attractive.

I guess I should say that I don’t think all forms of plaid are beautiful, mostly just button up flannels, and mostly just when a guy wears them, or when a girl wears one that is really over sized.

I love wearing plaid, and I love looking at plaid. It’s a very pure form of love. I hold no hatred towards it… Unless they’re in the form of plaid pants or shorts, then if worn incorrectly, it will look really stupid.

Do I have a favorite plaid color scheme? Of course! I like red and black as well as green and white. I have this one button up that looks like it got acid or something on it and it looks so cute, I wish I could wear it everyday but alas, I live in a desert and that would be the same as committing suicide.

Plaid button ups are just another reason I can’t wait to move to Seattle. I can wear them all the time because not only do they fit the atmosphere and style of the cloud covered city, they are also practical to keep you somewhat warm in the rain.

Plaid button ups and Seattle are just the perfect combination, I think.

Back to plaid button ups on guys. Can we all agree that it just looks insanely attractive? Maybe I’m alone  here, but a good button up shirt and a little bit of facial hair is basically perfection.

Exhibit A: Whoever this guy is.



I think in my mind I see them as a guy’s guy, you know? One of those men who goes out and chops down trees, or gets in a fight with a grizzly bear or something. I think it’s all pretty hot.

I can’t be the only one to think that plaid is rad, am I?

Much Love,



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