FINALLY // Moving On


I repeat. The first magazine is done!!!!

I wasn’t even sure that was ever going to happen. I thought we would be stuck editing and re-editing over and over again for the rest of eternity.

I did get a little snappy with my adviser because I was just so extremely frustrated with how picky everything is. In the end though, it’s the little things, the details, that make the magazine so great. It’s those things that make the magazine look so good.

I also have to say that deadline week with the other editors was hella fuuuun.

No part was difficult, I mean, we all get along so well! Ok, we do fight, but we don’t actually mean most of the things we say, I’m sure. I mean, I hope.

We all know each other much better than we did before because when a bunch of teenagers are left alone in a freezing room staring at computer screens for hours and hours on end, we get bored and we get fidgety. When we get bored and fidgety, we start talking, and most of the time, we don’t ever find a time to shut up.

The people of magazine are freaks. I mean that in the best way possible. We’re a little dysfunctional family! It’s ridiculously fun hanging out with them.

I only have one complaint about our extended deadline week.

It was so stressful and so time consuming to get that thing out the door. I didn’t eat lunch like the entire time. It was so terrible.

Well, moving onto Vol. 27 Issue 2. Is there anything you’d like us to report on in our next issue of Roar Magazine? Fill out the contact sheet below and tell me!

Thanks to all the staff members that stuck with us a few days after school so we could get the magazine done quickly!

Much Love,




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