Flipping Towards the Future

Today was flipping through my AP Stylebook and I was baffled by how many ways there are to right things, and when it is appropriate to write them.

One entry that I found particularly amusing was

“F-Word, see obscenities, profanities, vulgarities.”

I mean, the book isn’t made for children. Children don’t even know something like the AP Stylebook exists. I didn’t know about it until last year, and let’s be honest. By the time someone is a junior in high school, they know all the “obscenities, profanities, and vulgarities.”

What I actually would like to focus on right now, however, is the power that words have over everything we say and do.

I’ve always loved words. Ever since I was little, I read and read and read, devouring any and all books I could lay my hands on.

If you think about it, words are a weird concept. One day, someone decided to call an object something, and then other people called it that, and then that’s what it was for all eternity. Ok, so that more describes the weird concept of names more than just words, but you get the idea, right? Right.

So I was reading some of the words in the Stylebook, specifically in the Social Media, Food, and Fashion Guidelines pages, and I was thinking to myself how much I would love to use these particular words on a daily basis when I finally become a journalist.

When I say journalist, people assume I mean one of those breaking news anchors, like Walter Cronkite himself, but that’s not at all what I want to do. I want to write. That’s all.

I want to go out and work for Sunset Magazine or someone like them, and travel and experience things for a living. I don’t want a sedentary job where I sit behind a desk all day. Ok, so yes, writing does require sitting down and typing, but the writing isn’t the most time consuming thing. Experiencing everything you’ll be writing about is far more time sensitive. You only get to live the moment you’re in once, you have to let yourself experience it for all it’s worth.

As I was flipping through my handy dandy AP Stylebook today, I looked at all the words that were laid out in front of me to use sometime in the future. Words like “Bourdeaux,” “bouillabaisse,” and “haute couture,” made me all the more impatient to get to Cronkite and start my future as a print journalist.

The fact that looking at words can get me so excited for something is pretty amazing to me.

Much Love,



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