Turning 18

Alright so my 18th birthday was three days ago aaaaand….


Especially thanks to my BFF IMG_0145.JPG

I got tickets to THE BLACK KEYS concert which was ON my actual birthday. I mean, how cool is that, right? Anyway, I’ll get to that later.

So the day started off perfectly. For the first time in like four years, I OVERSLEPT on a school morning. I think it’s a pretty hilarious occurrence because there I was officially becoming an adult and I couldn’t even wake up on time for school.

So after my breakfast of half a cup of coffee and a bite of a toaster strudel, I attempted to make myself look like a young woman rather than a third grader by donning a slim fitting dress. I don’t have a picture, but I’m fairly certain I looked good.

The morning was lovely, mostly consisting of responding to birthday well wishes on Twitter and Facebook and texts from distant relatives. It was all really nice and calm.

My first hour teacher gave me an absolutely revolting mango and peach dum dum which I ate because I would have felt bad otherwise.

Then SECOND HOUR, two of my favorite staff members arranged for my twin Nikole and I to leave the room so they could set up a little surprise party for both of us complete with the whole lights off, “Happy Birthday” shout as we walked into the room. There were cupcakes and cookies, party hats and noise makers. I was honestly in shock when I saw everything sitting there because no one has ever done anything even remotely similar for me before. Thanks, chicas! β€οΈπŸŽ‰

I have to admit, I may have dressed up for someone else, as much as I did for myself. I think it worked. 😏
Probably not but I got an appreciative nod, and that’s good enough for me.

Third hour was kind of a repeat of second but far more tame. I did get 17 balloons from my BFF and her sister.🎈
Yes, there were supposed to be 18, but hey who’s really counting. πŸ˜‰

In fourth hour I totally blew everyone’s mind with my memorization of the 27 amendments to the USC. ✌️

My mom took the BFF and I out to lunch at Red Robin for my FREE BURGER. πŸ” BFF got some ridiculously over root beer concentrated root beer. Did that make sense? No? Oh well.

Let’s skip to THE BLACK KEYS CONCERT!!! 🎢


Jake Bugg opened for the band and the only song of his I’d even heard snippets of was… Well I don’t know the title, but it has something about a lightning bolt ⚑️ in it.
He was really rad! His voice is all folksy sounding and I thought it was a really nice contrast to the rock of the Black Keys.

The Black Keys themselves were phenomenal !!!
They had this curtain drop thing towards the beginning, followed by an array of different layouts and movements of the screens behind them!
I should have written this sooner because I’m already having a hard time remembering details about the concert.
What I do know for certain is that I loved the whole thing even though they played songs I didn’t recognize, but maybe that’s why I thought it was so great, I got to experience their music as they intended it to be heard without any bias!

The only thing I couldn’t stand was this really creepy guy who was SUPER into the band and had his back against my chest almost the whole time. He just kept leaning back and holding his phone in the air, pumping his fist. God it was weird.

If you’re wondering, the first “adult”
thing I did was get my second piercings!

I felt so grown up. 😊

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! You all made it the best birthday yet!

Much Love,



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