Word of the Day: Nov. 24 2014


Defined as “the state of being equal, especially in status, rights and opportunities.” Derived from the Latin aequalis. This word contains the root of the English word water. We could look at this to mean that water is a same substance, no matter what form it’s in, our bodies need it. We are all made of equal parts water.

I chose this word today in light of the Ferguson Decision. The grand jury found no probable cause to indict Officer Wilson for shooting 18 year-old Michael Brown in August.

Twitter has been absolutely blowing up with people of all social, racial and political groups shouting their beliefs into the Internet void.

We can all define equality until our faces turn blue. Our belief systems play a huge role in how we define the word. Following through on the action is something entirely different.

This word is soft. It isn’t a harsh word, a bitter word, or even one that evokes some kind of negative or offensive feeling.

Tonight in Ferguson, Missouri, the people are rioting and looting the city desperately trying to get the attention of the government for their cause. They believe they are all fighting for equality. They should all take a lesson from the word itself first.

It’s impossible to stop violence with violence.

As Ferguson goes up in flames and crumbles to dust, let the rest of the world learn from their mistakes and bring the fight to a docile pace and manner.

Much Love,



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