Word of the Day: Nov. 25 2014


No matter the definition, warmth is one of those words that take on a their meaning with the sound of itself. That sounds somewhat convoluted, but say the word out loud.


The way the “w” almost wraps itself around the “ar” and then is softly resolved with the “m” makes me feel snuggly and protected. The “th” at the end is final. Does that sound right? To make the sound, the tongue has to hit the tips of the teeth. This action requires a softness in itself to prevent biting ones tongue. The word warmth sounds warm.

Half the country has just experienced an enormous cold snap with blankets and blankets of snow covering houses, caving in roofs and in effect driving any an all warmth away from the people of the Midwest and East Coast.

Send warm and cheerful thoughts their way especially as the holiday season blows through much like the cold snap mentioned above. Think of hot chocolate in front of a wood burning fire. Think of pies baking in the oven and of long nights wrapped in a big blanket. Think warm thoughts everyone, warm thoughts.

Warm can also mean enthusiasm, affection, or kindness. After the events that unfolded yesterday, keep those in Ferguson in your warm thoughts as well. They all need a little warmth to replace the fires of hatred and distrust that are currently burning inside them. But that’s merely a suggestion.

Much Love,



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