My How Technology Changes

I got my first laptop for my 13th birthday… which was way back in 2009. Technology has changed a lot since then let me tell you.

Today is the notorious Black Friday and my mother and I stood in line outside of Costco of all places so I could get a laptop. It’s my first really big purchase and by that I mean that it’s my first “adult” purchase. That didn’t really clarify what I’m trying to say. I guess what I mean is it’s the first thing I’ve ever bought for myself that was really expensive. Actually, it was a really good deal for the laptop, but still over $600 is a lot of money, especially since I’m actually really broke so all you thieves out there, don’t waste your time.

My new laptop is an HP, my old one an Acer. This one  has a terabyte hard drive, 12 GB of  memory, a webcam, a touch screen, a back lit keyboard AND it has Windows 8, which I’ve actually become pretty fond of since it’s been installed on all the school computers. My old laptop was Windows 7 which was awesome when it first came out but now it’s just pretty lame. I also had a lot of technical problems with that Acer. It wouldn’t connect to the WiFi, it would freak out every time I tried to insert a movie or CD, the screen would freeze and make demonic noises when I tried to watch something on YouTube and it crashed when I installed iTunes on it.

Technology has really come a long way and I’m so glad it has.

Ditching my old laptop today got me thinking about how much I’ve changed since 2009. I’m a legitimate woman now. I’m an adult. I was able to afford getting my own laptop rather than begging my parents for a new one. I’m borderline independent. Wow. When I was 13 I was still this shy little kid who didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything that didn’t involve Twilight or movies or my parents.

5 years doesn’t really sound like much, but it is.

Much Love,



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