All This Could Be Yours // Cold War Kids

In this issue of the Roar Magazine, there is an article about this band called the Cold War Kids and it was interesting enough to get me to listen to some of their music. I have to say, they sound like a band I should be listening to, and now I am.

The American Indie Rock group is from Long Beach, California. It’s not something I would expect from them based on the video of theirs that I’ve seen, but it’s a nice refresher to have an Indie Rock group from the good ol’ U.S. of A. They’ve been a group since 2004, but didn’t gain a following until around 2008. The release of their most recent album on Oct. 21 this year, “Hold My Home,” has received mixed reviews from critics. On the Billboard Hot 200 however, the album reached #56, and on the US Top Alternative and Independent Album charts it reached #8.

I’d like to take this time to talk about the first song on “Hold My Home,” called “All This Could Be Yours.”

Now, I’ve been through AP Lang, so by reading the lyrics, I should have at least an inkling about the meaning of the music video but… I really don’t. I have a tiny idea in the back of my head but for the sake of maintaining this allusion that I’m even the least bit intelligent, I’ll hold my tongue.

Ok, moving on to the lyrics.

I have to say that it bothers me that they try so hard to rhyme the words at the end of each line, but other than that I like how repetitive everything is. I makes it easy to follow, and easy to memorize so that on the off chance it comes on over the radio, I’ll be able to bother my little brother by singing it line for line.

I’ve been silent partner, I’ve been your shrink
I have heard your sad look misfortune speech”
But I’ll have sympathy when you get off your seat
Before this bitter mess becomes a disease

I have cracked the code on this old machine
Ten thousands hours to be released
But I’ve been wondering: why can’t you see?
That the door opens up and go where it leads

These are like, the only original lines in the song, and they aren’t that deep or anything, but I like how they sound. Is that weird? There are some songs that I could just go on and on analyzing until my face turns metaphorically blue, but this one is just simple. The rest of the song is “[C]ould be yours,” and different variations of that same line.

Overall, I think the song is just kind of meant to be a rub in someone’s face. Almost like: “You could’ve had all this but you messed up,” or something like that.

I don’t know, I just really like the band and I might even start fangirling over them. Who knows?

Much Love,



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