Let’s Talk About the Black Keys

:Little Black Submarines” is kind of an old song. It came out three years ago and that really isn’t that old, but in the music industry it technically is. Wow that sentence was full of contradictions. Anyway. “Little Black Submarines” is probably my favorite song by the Black Keys. And I love the Black Keys a lot. I spent my 18th birthday at their concert in Phoenix.

I love how the song starts out slow and peaceful, and then builds into this insane rock song. This is another one of those songs where I don’t pay much attention to the words so much as the actual music being played. The guitar solos get to me every time and I have to blast it in my car when it comes on. I also tend to break out a little head banging because it’s a song where I can feel the music if that makes any sense.

This post isn’t supposed to be about one song tonight, I kind of want to talk about a few of the other Black Keys songs I love.

“Weight of Love” is hands down my favorite song from “Turn Blue.”


The song sounds psychedelic. It’s not the usual hardcore rock and roll that the band usually plays. It’s mellow almost all the way through and maybe that’s why I like it so much. It’s a calm in the face of the hectic storm that “Turn Blue” feels like sometimes.

Dance all night cause people, they don’t wanna be lonely
Never wanna be lonely
They don’t wanna be an only – one
You had a thing no one could ever be sure of
Never ever had a pure love
And never no cure from

Best. Lines. Ever. I myself dance quite often in the middle of the night for lack of anything better to do, and it’s painfully true that people don’t want to be lonely. It’s so ridiculously painful because it’s so ridiculously true.

Other songs I can’t get enough of:

Gotta Get Away


The Black Keys is this amazing band that came out of nowhere. Akron, Ohio. Go figure. It’s not exactly the first place I would think an amazing band like this would come from. But hey, to each his own right? And if Akron, Ohio didn’t exist then it’s safe to say the band wouldn’t either so.

I just love the Black Keys so much.

Much Love,



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