BANKS // A Soulful Goddess

Jillian Rose Banks, originally from Los Angeles, California and more commonly referred to as BANKS, is a singer-songwriter who is absolutely amazing! Recently, Alt AZ 93.3 has played her song “Beggin’ For Thread.”

The video leaves me fairly confused about the meaning of the song, but that’s kind of what most music videos leave me thinking… or not thinking. Unthinking? Moving on.

Her debut album “Goddess,” is chock-full of 14 original songs by the genius herself. My favorites include the aforementioned “Beggin’ for Thread,” as well as the album’s namesake “Goddess,” as well as a little gem I stumbled upon “Fuck Em’ Only We Know.” Yes. The title of the last one is not family friendly, but, personally, I believe it’s the best song on the album. There’s no official video, but check out the song none the less here.

That song is my favorite because it’s about real emotions. Yeah, ok so most songs are supposed to be about real emotions and that’s what everyone loves about them. But this song is kind of like Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love” from 10 million years ago. It’s about a relationship that no one else but the people in it understand and everyone else just wants to break them up. “Bleeding Love” just emphasizes how tortured one partner feels about the whole situation while “Fuck Em’ Only We Know,” just flaunts the fact that the two are together because in their eyes, only the people in the relationship should be the judges of how good or bad it is.

BANKS’ sound is edgy and deep. In that way, she kind of reminds me of Lorde so of course I’m going to like her a lot more than someone who doesn’t remind me of Lorde at all. She has this slow rhythm that’s reminiscent of R&B. I don’t think she’s classified as an R&B artist, but she could be if she wanted too. If Taylor Swift could be classified as country until “1989” came out, then BANKS can be categorized as R&B. Most definitely.

Check her out if you haven’t heard of her already! You won’t regret it, and if you do just don’t tell me and I apologize now for wasting your time. 🙂

Much Love,



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