The Never // Pell ft. LV Baby

This song is one of those gems that I never would have come across if Spotify didn’t exist.

Even on Youtube, the land where videos of cats go viral in just a few hours, this song’s official music video is just above 13,000 views. This paltry number accurately reflects the obscurity of this rising artist.

Pell is so new to the scene that there isn’t even a Wikipedia page about him.  Not that I can find anyway.

According to an article written by Erika Ramirez of Billboard, Pell is a “New Orleans born, Mississippi raised rapper.” And that’s the only thing I know about him, or have been able to find about him.

It’s kind of refreshing that an artist still has some mystery to themselves. Not every piece of information about them is out there for the public. It’s also extremely frustrating because this means that I have very little information to provide my small pool of readers.

The best I can do is describe the sound of his song “The Never.” Keep in mind, I haven’t heard the rest of the album, but I can completely agree with Ms. Ramirez from Billboard by saying Pell’s sound makes me feel like I’m “in a daze, over trippy,” and it’s filled with peaceful, mild,  “ethereal soundscapes.”

I’m not sure how to interpret the video because it seems like a string of events that just reflect two people going out and living life on a typical day off of work or something.

Of course, since he wrote the song, Pell can explain better himself.

“The song is really a take on how someone can fight adversity by being themselves and finding their own greatness – their own escape,” Pell said. “I wanted the video to reflect that sense of self and escape.”

I will tell you that this song is like a rap, indie mix. It’s fast paced, but not so fast that he spits out his words. The tempo and overall rhythm of the song is slow with a predictable, repetitive cadence throughout.

I hope you enjoy this new artist!

Much Love,



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