Friends, Tissues, and Good Music

So, as I said in my last little blurb, I’ve been working a whole bunch at this community college bookstore and it’s been pretty awesome because I’m making money doing something fairly simple, and something that I actually enjoy, unlike my short stint at McDonald’s.

Anyway, I’ve been watching copious amounts of Friends, and I’m really sad to say that I’m almost done with season 9. There’s only one more season left and I know that I’m going to start crying soon because I hate when shows end. I can tell that it’s coming to an end though because the story line honestly isn’t that great anymore.

For the past few days I’ve been blowing up a storm of tissues. You know the “massive” blizzard that the east coast got recently? Well, it’s like that except actually a massive storm of tissues for me. I’m pretty sure I’ve gone through at least three boxes already and I had to call off from work because I was afraid that if I stayed there, I would make way too many mistakes and with that much money being moved around, that wouldn’t be a good thing.

I’ve been listening to some pretty awesome songs as well, in my sedated state. A few titles include: Budapest // George Ezra , Lampshades on Fire // Modest Mouse , Reflections // MisterWives and Gooey // Glass Animals. The music videos for all of them – especially Gooey – are really weird but the songs are pretty awesome. Maybe I’ll go more into detail later.

Much Love,



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