The 57th Annual Grammys

There has been a whole lot of controversy leading up to tonight.

The nominees seemed to come out of nowhere for many music lovers, but throughout the night, the performers stole the show from any controversy prevalent a few hours earlier.

Twitter and Tumblr were buzzing with the latest from the Red Carpet and The Grammys Twitter account allowed everyone a great look at ALL the winners, not just the ones that would get the most attention during the prime time spot.

Notable fashionistas include: Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Anna Kendrick and Taylor Swift.. A glaring fashion faux pas was presented by Madonna in what can only be described as a bizarre French maid/ dominatrix costume. Rhianna’s dress was also a disappointment as it looked only like a shower loofa.

Opening up the night was a classic performance by AC/DC followed by the award for Best New Artist. This year’s winner was Sam Smith, who’s song “Stay With Me,”  which reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart this year despite a minor setback when Tom Petty’s publishers claimed it has too eerie a resemblance to their song, “I Won’t Back Down.”

Jessie J and Tom Jones sang a beautiful duet early in the show and had the whole arena nodding their heads to the beat of the song. Jones’s deep voice was extremely complimentary to Jessie J’s alto.

A full list of tonight’s winners will appear here.

This is the biggest night in the music industry!

Get back to watching!

Much Love,



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