I’d like to take a time out between getting my brother home from school and going to work to talk to you all about Pura Vida bracelets.

The company was founded by two recent college graduates – Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman – when they returned to Southern California after a five week trip to Costa Rica. While there, they visited a small community and met two men – Jorge and Joaquin – who were peddling handmade bracelets on the trip. 

The full story can be found on their website: puravidabracelets.com

Long story short, the two now own a very successful business that provides full time jobs for artisans in Costa Rica, and some of the profits from the bracelet sales go to specific charities. I bought one online today for Anxiety Disorder Awareness because that’s something I really care about. They have bracelets for causes from Alzheimer’s to the WOLF Sanctuary. You can even suggest charities for them to make bracelets for. 

Each bracelet is hand made and the likelihood of finding someone with the very same one is near impossible. 

I absolutely love these things and recommend them to everyone.

Oh and did I mention? Free shipping for orders over $10 anywhere in the US. 😍

Much Love, 



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