The Maine Thing Is, I Love American Candy

Hello? Is anyone out there?

Hi. I haven’t blogged in a pretty long time about anything of particular importance, but I am now, and YOU ALL NEED TO LISTEN (or at least read)!

American Candy

The Maine is the best band I’ve ventured listening too since… since TV on the Radio. Yeah. Let’s say that.

The Maine is different though. They remind me of a pop punk boy band, though none of them are merely boys. They aren’t new either, they’ve actually been around for awhile. I’m actually pretty ashamed that I’ve not really payed them much attention since, SHOCKER, their actually from Tempe, which, let’s face it, is basically my backyard, and also soon to be location of most of my freshman year of college classes.


Their new album “American Candy” was released yesterday… well actually almost two days  ago. *sigh* The day it was released was March 31,2015. There.

This album is absolutely amazing and since I bought it on iTunes, I haven’t stopped listening to it… with the exception of class time when obviously, I can’t be listening to the best band on the planet and my teacher at the same time. Duh.

Ok. You all NEED to listen to them. It’s one of those albums that I can really only compare to Arctic Monkey’s “AM” because, EVERY song on the album is an instant hit. It’s not one of those like Iggy Azalea’s where there’s only two songs they play on the radio. No. Radio stations would be wise to play the entire album over and over and over all day, non-stop. Forever.

It’s almost impossible for me to pick a favorite of my own, but I think I have it narrowed down to three. “My Hair,” “English Girls” and “Am I Pretty?”.

Oh who am I kidding. That’s not even the truth. I love 9/10 of the songs. In addition to the three above, they are: “Miles Away,” “Same Suit, Different Tie,” “24 Floors,” “Diet Soda Society,” “American Candy,” and “Another Night on Mars.” I’m still not sure how I feel about “(Un)Lost.” Based on the title of the song alone, I feel like I’m missing some big message they’re trying to tell me but I don’t know what it is. The words are great, and most of the music is too, but I just don’t feel as great as I do when all the other songs are one when this one comes on.

The only reason I know about this band and their new album is because of my twin and soon-to-be college roommate Nikole. THANK YOU.

OK. Now stop reading my blog and go check them out. I promise you won’t regret it.

Much Love,



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