Today I went to a festival that was so much fun because of the people, the food and the music. 💖

The day began with a ride from a friend of mine named Halie. Halie is so chill and nice and… the best word to use here is unique. I love her and she’s totally amazing.

So after getting lost about five or six times on the drive to Westworld of Scottsdale, we (I) decided I was hungry enough to lead us to one of the food tents so graciously set up by the one and only Chipotle, whic is NOT owned by McDonald’s. I guess that’s a rumor that’s gone around.


I directed us to the Shophouse Rice Bowl tent which served eastern style food. We got Meatball bowls which came with jasmine rice, a green colored curry, chopped vegetables and greenbeans, as well as meatballs.

I’ve never had curry before.

I didn’t really enjoy the meatball bowl very much.

What I did enjoy was locating my twin Nikole soon after and hanging out with her while she somewhat lacklusterly volunteered near some trash cans. She was supposed to be telling people how to throw their garbage away properly. 😴 On the brightside, she gets free Chipotle for volunteering!

After standing there and listening to Magic Man perform, and Nikole finished her shift, she went and got her free food and I got some chicken tacos because apparently I’m trying to gain as much weight as I can before prom.

The tacos were underwhelming.

We walked around to the different booths in search of as many free things as possible and we got TINY TABASCO BOTTLES. I absolutely adore tiny things… as long as they’re not tiny humans because those are gross. I fawned over them for a solid 10 minutes.

Halie got some lettuce seeds for her family’s garden.

I was really looking forward to seeing MS MR at 3:00 p.m. but once they started playing I really wasn’t feeling it so we got in line for some ice cream provided by Sweet Republic. Feeling adventurous, I tried Honey Lavender flavored ice cream and was mildly surprised when it tasted like soap. It was good regardless, but they used a little too much lavender.

After that we just chilled under that tent until the one and only BLEACHERS came on stage and rocked my socks off for the second time in two months. I love that band so freaking much.

Jack interacted with the crowd and threw linguistic caution to the wind throwing out words that weren’t G rated. That’s one of the reasons I ❤️ him.

Bleachers played their best songs and when they got to the part where Jack introduces each member of the band I got so so excited because I knew the saxophone was coming up and: I. LOVE. THE. SAXOPHONE. 🎷

Saxophones make me feel so many different emotions.

Bleachers got the crowd going so hard that someone actually crowd surfed. It was a little ridiculous because even though they rock hard, they’re still Bleachers and not really the crowd surfing type.

I’m so happy I’ve gotten to see them live twice already this year because they put on such a great show for everyone and are so genuinely happy about being there on stage playing for their fans.

Thank you Halie, Nikole and Bleachers for making the Chipotle Cultivate Festival so much fun!

Much Love,



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