This Century 💛⌛️ and The Maine Ⓜ️: Arizona Pride 

I had no idea that bands from Arizona were so amazing and, surprisingly, not so few and far between.

The Maine, a band I’ve blogged about already, hails from Tempe, Arizona and as my “dedicated” readers know, they are absolutely amazing.

This Century is another band from Arizona and is represented by the same management company, 8123. If it wasn’t for my twin Nikole, who I’ve mentioned in several previous posts, I wouldn’t know either existed and I certainly wouldn’t have been listening to The Maine’s “Forever Halloween,” and “American Candy” on repeat with interruptions from This Century’s new single “Soul Sucker” and their most recent album, “Biography of Heartbreak.”

This Century is extremely similar to The Maine. Exhibit A: John O’Callaghan, lead singer of The Maine, bears a striking resemblance to the lead singer of This Century, Joel Kanitz or vice versa.

John O’Callaghan  
Joel Kanitz  
Their sounds are also very similar. The best way I can describe them is they sound like grown up boy bands but they aren’t boybands at all. They have sophistication in their sound, and a message that doesn’t repetitively tell you how much each of the members is pining after some girl who doesn’t appreciate all they do for her.

No. Their songs tell a story that actually matters.

My favorite song by This Century, which is begrudgingly not available on iTunes, “Talk to Talk,” is about something bigger. Sure, it’s about a girl initially, but what I get out of it is the idea that sometimes when people are together, they talk just for the sake of hearing someone’s voice. It’s a way to try and escape an awkward situation and this is something that I personally identify with. Talking for the sake of talking is a cultural norm that I, and everyone I know, participates in and it makes me kind of sad. If we’re talking just to talk, what are we missing out on?

My favorite songs by The Maine, from “American Candy” at least, is “Diet Soda Society,” and “Another Night on Mars.” “Diet Soda Society” is about questioning our existence. It’s about wondering why we’re here and it’s about asking each other these questions. As much as this song is about those questions, it also points out that as a society, we ignore people who ask these them.

My favorite line goes: “She told me just shut up and drink your diet soda.”

This song mentions our society’s obsession with “diets,” and our desire to fit in. She tells him to shut up because he’s asking questions about oblivion, which “normal” people don’t just bring up in everyday conversation,  because it either scares us to think about, or we are unaware of our mortality and refuse to consider that we won’t be alive forever. This leads into why “Another Night on Mars” is one of my favorites.

“Another Night on Mars” is a song about friendship. It’s a song about people we can talk to about anything and not worry about them ignoring us. It’s a song about people we can discuss the inevitability of oblivion with.

Both of these bands are just so spectacular and they’re another reason that I love Arizona so much. There may not be a wide variety of things to do here, besides visit the Grand Canyon, but we have amazing musicians.  That’s why I’m happy to say that I have Arizona pride.

Much Love,



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