Matt And Kim – 2015 Tour

Check out my future roommate’s new blog about one of the 10 million concerts she’s gone to. ☺️ It’s pretty awesome.

thoughts more tangled than my headphones

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Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Matt and Kim perform at The Marquee in Tempe, Arizona. The first time I saw them was way back in 2011 when they shared the stage with My Chemical Romance and blink-182 for the Honda Civic Tour. Four years later and they haven’t lost any of their touch. I thought I was just going to stand more near the back of the venue to enjoy the show, but, just like everyone else, I was drawn to the center of the crowd. It might actually be impossible to not want to jump around and dance at one of their shows. Every single song is filled with more energy than you would think drums and a keyboard are capable of.

The night began with a 40 minute set from a band called Waters. Originating from Norway, Waters was formed by Van Pierszalowski (vocals, guitar). The…

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