This Century 💛⌛️ @ The Rebel Lounge 


This Century performing at The Rebel Lounge in Phoenix, Arizona.


This Century performed their final Arizona show at The Rebel Lounge in Phoenix on June 13.

Openers for the band included local bands, Breaking Pattern, Julia Lauren – soon to be called Butterflies – and WLFPCK.

Breaking Pattern gave an impassioned performance that was actually their first concert ever. The instrumental portion of their set was awesome, especially given the circumstances of their performance, however, the vocals could use some refinement before any upcoming concerts they may have lined up.

Julia Laren and her dudes are an amazing group of people who really tried to get the crowd going before This Century hit the stage. She wanted everyone in the crowd to sway their hips and snap their fingers which felt pretty weird at first, but then just felt right with the tune and beat of her songs. She did mention that the band is rebranding itself and will soon be called Butterflies I believe.

Check out her “Rebellious” music video here.

WLFPCK, no vowels, was an amazing local band that was written about in The Huffington Post recently. Much like the members of This Century, the members of WLFPCK met in high school. The members were actually part of other bands, Lydia and Anarbor, but eventually decided to form their own separate band. Their sound is very alternative-pop and they were the opening band that really stood out to me as a group that could really explode sometime soon. They will be performing at the Crescent Ballroom on July 24th.

The energy in the room was tangible when This Century made their way to the stage. All night, Nikole and I saw members from big-time Arizona band The Maine. We were anxious all night, wondering if John O’Callaghan would be there because we knew he and Joel Kanitz, the lead singer of This Century are very close. Luckily, we were not disappointed when about 20 minutes into their set, Lindsey spotted John! It was incredible and really made the concert feel more intimate, if anyone can believe that. More on The Maine a little later.

This Century began their set with the single off their new album “Soul Sucker,” the name of both the album and the single. Everyone in the crowd knew the song and sang their hearts out. It was important for all of us that we get really into the concert because we all knew it was the last ever. They played my favorite song, which is not available on iTunes, “Talk to Talk.” It was a powerful performance in which Brennan Smiley from The Technicolors joined in, as did Julia Lauren. Deeper into the set, This Century gave a rousing performance of “Tip Toe,” of which John O’Callaghan is a HUGE fan of. He tried to get people to mosh and Joel was looking at him for most of the song.

The end of the set came after an impassioned speech and thank you from Joel to the fans, and the bands family members. Joel was near tears at one point, which brought tears to my eyes because I’m really going to miss this band. I just found out about them and now it’s all over. I can’t believe it.

Spirits were lifted when the present members of The Maine CROWDSURFED right next to us. I have to tell you, John is a deceptively large man, and also extremely attractive in person.


This photo, snapped by a girl who was in front of me at the concert, shows the moment after John O’Callaghan landed on the stage after crowd surfing.

Look at how happy Joel is to see his friend up on the stage with him! It’s so adorable and is a moment I will never ever forget.

The band did an amazing job giving such an impassioned performance that was unforgettable. My only regret is that I didn’t get a picture with anyone because we went outside when they stayed inside to meet people. Who knows, maybe I’ll see them walking around Tempe or Phoenix someday. I’ll definitely be on the lookout.

Thank you, This Century for all your amazing music. We’ll miss you!

Much Love,



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