The First Week of College

The first week of college is a whirlwind of events. Move-in, Welcome Week, First Day of Classes. My whole life changed drastically in just seven days.

I went from living and seeing my parents and little brother every day to not knowing for sure when I would see them again. I don’t even talk to them every day. Most of the time it’s because I’m just too extremely busy to call or text them back,  but sometimes it’s because they don’t cross my mind until it’s late at night and I get a little homesick and disoriented because I can’t hear the usual sounds of my childhood home around me. It’s bizarre to feel this way. I miss my parents and I love them so much.


Move-in was a little overwhelming  and also a little bit boring. Since we moved in to the top floor of Taylor Place, we had the earliest move-in time possible. By 7:30 a.m. Nikole and I were in our room and left to fend for ourselves. Unpacking was a roller-coaster of emotion for me. I found a few things that my dad hid in my boxes that have a lot of sentimental value attached to them.

When I found one of the items, I had to excuse myself to our shared bathroom for 20 minutes and cried my eyes out.

After we set up the TV, we watched Friends for a few hours and finished unpacking all of our things. You know, as all people should do as soon as they move in to their dorm.

Welcome Week was jam-packed with a bunch of events including:

TaylorFest, a welcome event made for residents of Taylor Place at the Downtown Phoenix ASU campus. There was a lot of free stuff; t-shirts, music, and most importantly, food. Nikole and I used that time to finally introduce ourselves to our neighbors because why not.

The Fall Welcome Concert, a concert headlined by Metric, a band from Canada who no one had ever heard of. More importantly, 3OH!3 rocked the Wells Fargo Arena pretty hard for like 45 minutes and it was pretty cool having a throw back to junior high. That’s how long it’s been since they’ve had a hit song. That’s at least 5 years. I don’t understand why they performed at our welcome concert but it was an entertaining blast from the past.

I missed out on Whitewashing the “A” because I had work. I actually missed out on almost every single welcome event because I had to be at work and that really really sucked. If anyone is reading this as a senior in high school, try not to go in to college already having a job because it will seriously rain on your parade.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like that I have a job while I’m going to college because, hello, I need money, but it’s prevented me from getting to know people on my floor, and it prevented me from getting the full freshman welcome experience.

My first official day of classes, I only had one so it was pretty chill. I had French 101. But then again, I also had work all day. It was completely exhausting. I’m really looking forward to my first semester of college. I’ll keep you all posted.

This was a poorly constructed blog that I will probably delete soon but hey, I haven’t blogged in a while so I just figured, what the heck, why not give people an update?

Much Love,



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