Hey Nicole, What’s Good?

Oh, what? Glad someone asked. 🙃

Here are 5 Albums/EPs you should be listening to right now.

Disclaimer: This list is strictly according to me and my taste in music.

1. Badlands // Halsey


Why You Should Listen:

If you love Lorde as much as I do, and that’s a lot, then you need to be listening to Halsey if you aren’t already. In 2014, she released her first EP “Room 93,” which had two songs (“Ghost” and “Hurricane”) that also appear on her first full-length album “Badlands.” So far, she’s toured with Imagine Dragons, Young Rising Sons and The Weeknd this year as well as kicking off her “Badlands” tour.  She’s a ridiculously unstoppable force. Halsey also performed at this year’s South by Southwest festival and was the most talked about person on Twitter.

The lead track on “Badlands,” “Castle” is the feminism battle cry of the year with lyrics like “And there’s an old man sitting on the throne that’s saying I should probably keep my pretty mouth shut,” the disdain for the old man represents disdain for the age old ideologies of male domination.

😘 Halsey is a goddess. That’s the best way I can explain her and her music. Words are failing me right now. I’ve made it a personal mission to own every version of “Badlands” so I can listen to the sound of each version and truly appreciate what a fantastic artist she is. So far, I have “Badlands” on vinyl and digital copy but I’m definitely planning on getting the cassette and CD versions. halsey2

5 Songs to Check Out:

  1. Colors
  2. Control
  3. Roman Holiday
  4. Young God
  5. Drive

2. Cry Baby // Melanie Martinez


Why You Should Listen:

Former contestant on “The Voice,” Melanie Martinez hit the music scene with her first full-length album “Cry Baby,” released August 14.

The album tells the story of a family who are not what they seem to the rest of the world. Martinez has said that while inspiration for the album came from events in her own life, not all of them specifically happened to her.

Martinez has more of a pop sound than Halsey but she uses that constant upbeat and special sound effects to create a vibe I can only get when I watch something like American Horror Story. Her tunes are catchy and infectious but with a sharp twist that give them a dark undertone. It [the undertone] can easily go unnoticed if the listener doesn’t pay attention to the lyrics. It’s deliciously deceptive and that’s what I love most about this album.

5 Songs to Check Out:

  1. Dollhouse
  2. Carousel
  3. Pity Party
  4. Mad Hatter
  5. Cake

3. Revival // Selena Gomez

music-selena-gomezWhy You Should Listen:

Selena Gomez released her second studio album “Revival” October 9. After releasing the lead single “Good For You” on June 22 anticipation for the album was palatable.

I listened to the album while riding the light rail from downtown Phoenix to Mesa the morning after October Break had begun and as I cranked the volume to drown out the riff raff around me, I got lost in the opening lyrics of the very first song, “I dive into the future/ But I’m blinded by the sun/ I’m reborn in every moment/ So who knows what I’ll become.” Selena has told everyone that this album is about self-acceptance and the journey she’s been on the last few years. It’s easily the realest album she’s put out in her career. It’s also something I can relate to in the beginning of my college career. I guess this period in my life is my revival as well.

5 Songs to Check Out:

  1. Same Old Love
  2. Sober
  3. Good For You
  4. Camouflage
  5. Me & The Rhythm

4. Wild EP // Troye Sivan

8vG85CMmWhy You Should Listen:

Troye recently announced that this EP was the introduction to his first full-length album “Blue Neighbourhood,” which is set to release December 4. Leading up to the announcement two music videos from the EP were released leading into the “Blue Neighbourhood” theme.

Each song flows into the next on Sivan’s fourth EP, “Wild” (WILD). There’s so much feeling and honesty in his music that it’ll make you feel things you’ve never felt before. I highly recommend. Also keep in mind that Sivan is an Aussie and his singing voice becomes instantly more appealing.

5 Songs to Check Out:
(The whole EP is 5 songs so listen to the whole thing.)

5. Young Blood // Mount Tyrantcover170x170

Why You  Should Listen:

Mount Tyrant is the baby band of my list. They don’t even have a page on Wiki! 😱Coming to us from Texas, these guys know what’s up despite coming from a state I’ve completely written off as a place that produces good artists. A few of their lyrics struck a chord with me so much that I wrote them on sticky notes and slapped them on my wall.

“Not everyone gets to hear their song.”

“These walls are alive, this room isn’t real.”

“Everyone has to die sometime.”

The album is short and a little repetitive, but the sound and content is brilliant. Hop on this band’s bandwagon before it accelerates and you will be proud to say you’ve been with them since they had less than 25k followers on Twitter.

5 Songs to Check Out:

  1. Young Blood
  2. Decoder Ring
  3. Paranoid
  4. Still Hands
  5. Circles

Hope you all listen to these five incredible artists as much as I have this month. Ok. Maybe not as much because I’m bordering obsession, but you get the idea. You’ll really miss out if you don’t. ☹️

Much Love,

Nicole ❤️


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