Hello Adele, Welcome Back

  “Hello from the other side.” 


Ladies and Gentlemen:
The queen of powerful, soulful music is finally back! Her highly anticipated album “25” arrives November 20 but guess what?

Adele released the first single off her upcoming album “25” in the wee hours of October 23.

“Hello” is a heart-wrenching story of looking back on a relationship and realizing the wrongs you committed yourself. The song catches the heart of any Adele fan. My favorite lyrics by far are:
“Hello, it’s me
I was wondering if after all these years
You’d like to meet, to go over
They say that time’s supposed to heal ya
But I ain’t done much healing”
It’s a true continuation of “21.” While she still agonizes over the relationships gone wrong in her life, she’s moving on. We know this because Adele posted a photo explaining the meaning of “25” to her Twitter page.

I think it’s very nice that the first track of the new album begins with a resonant “Hello.” I think she’s not only singing about the relationship, but also greeting her fans after her prolonged absence. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but it’s a nice thought, isn’t it? Moving on. It [the track] has all the signature Adele moments and attributes. Beautifully drawn out notes and vibrato that makes even the worst singer want to sing when they feel what she’s singing within their own lonely souls.
Adele also proudly displays her wide vocal range hitting notes both deep and high-pitched but seamlessly transitions between them as usual.
It’s very important to mention that the singer looks even more fabulous than the last time we saw her, glowing –  perhaps because of her new-found happiness in motherhood – maybe because she’s so happy to be producing music for our lucky ears again!
Buzzfeed also pointed out that her eyeliner is absolutely on point in her music video which can be seen below:


This is the first we’ve heard from the 10 time Grammy Award Winner since her days creating “Skyfall” for the aforementioned named James Bond film in 2012.
And what a way to come back. We’re all waiting anxiously for the arrival of November 20 so we can hear what else she’s been whipping up the last three years.
Hello, Adele. Welcome back.
Much Love,
Nicole ❤️
P.S. Only 27 days until the release of “25”!

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