My Top 5 Christmas Classics

*This blog was originally written December 2nd and posted December 11th*

It’s that time of year again, folks. CHRISTMAS TIME is here once more.

Yes, it is December 2nd as I write this post, a mere six days after this year’s Thanksgiving, when across the country, Americans stuffed their faces with turkey, potatoes and stuffing as they watched football or the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. However, tradition in my family holds that the day after Thanksgiving – also known ’round the world as “Black Friday” – is the beginning of the Christmas season. We put up our plastic tree, decorate it with ornaments collected over the years and blast Christmas music throughout the house.

So at the beginning of this most wonderful time of year, I thought I’d share my top five favorite Christmas songs in reverse order to build the suspense to number one.

5. Rocking Around the Christmas Tree // Sung by Brenda Lee

I’ve never had the opportunity to really participate in a rowdy Christmas party but  I like the overall tone of this song. It sounds like people are having a merry old time talking to each other, singing Christmas carols and getting in that every wonderful and popular “holiday spirit.” It really is a fantastic time of year and this song always gets me in the mood to dance around with all my loved ones and appreciate all I have and what a great year it was.

You can catch the song on your local Christmas music playing station, or any streaming service, or just enjoy this Youtube clip if you’re so inclined – and I really think you should be.

4. The Little Drummer Boy

As Christmas is based in the Christian religion, it’s only appropriate that one of my favorites comes from a religious classic. The Little Drummer Boy is a nice slow and classic Christmas song that hits me in the heart every time I hear it. I’m a bit of a sucker for classic choral tunes especially this time of year.

This version of The Little Dummer Boy from The Pentatonix is especially wonderful.

I’m also a fan of The Little Drummer Boy movie. The old time claymation movies of old are the best ones out there – aside from some of my other favorites which I’ll get to in another post. 🎅🏻

3. Believe // Sung by Josh Groban

This classic featured in The Polar Express is a song near and dear to my heart. My freshman year of high school I was in the choir and this is one of the songs we sang at our winter concert. When we were all onstage together caroling and having a good time showing off what we’d worked so hard on for our family and friends, I felt closer to my choir family than I ever had before and it was a wonderful feeling.

I believe that one of the best feelings in the world is the moment before the first note of a song, when the choir takes that collective breath in preparation. In that moment there is anticipation, excitement and pure happiness that I’ve never experience before.

In the song, Groban has sweeping vocals that travel deep into his soul and then rise up to the highest point on a Christmas tree and its all so powerful and beautiful that I tear up whenever I hear the song. I’m not 100% sure if it’s out of the sheer beauty of the song, or because of the sentiment attached to it, but either way, that’s why Believe is in my Top 5 favorite Christmas songs.

2. All I Want for Christmas is You // Sung by Mariah Carey

I’m fairly certain this song is at the top of everyone’s favorite Christmas songs list. You know, assuming people have a list of their favorite Christmas songs handy around this time of year. Mariah Carey has an incredible singing voice – no one can deny that. Since 1994, this song has been kicking all Christmas songs in the butt. The all consuming notes surround everyone who listens with Christmas cheer and therefore gets everyone in the mood for the most wonderful time of year.

The music video for this song is so sweet and classic. Mariah Carey spends the beginning of the video doing all kinds of Christmasy things and having a grand old time in the snow, opening presents under a tree and sitting on Santa’s lap and it gives me a nostalgic feeling that I love around this time of year.

Check it out here or I’m sure you’ll here it within the hour on your favorite local Christmas music station.

1. Last Christmas // Sung by Wham!

The music video for this song is so stereotypical 1980s. The hair, the clothes, the sounds and sights, the unrequited love. I love all of it. I don’t only love the music video, I guess that’s important to note especially since this list isn’t my favorite Christmas music videos. I think this song is my favorite because it’s original yet spunky enough to fit right in with my usual style of music. I really enjoy the lyrics as well because it’s not like the usual Christmas songs. This one is actually kind of sad. The one singing gave his heart to someone and then, I’m assuming cheated on him,  and the whole video is a lot of kind of montages of the two of them exchanging heated glances and the whole thing is just absolutely wonderful. You need to watch it.

And that’s it! That’s the whole list. Those are my top 5 favorite Christmas songs. From time to time the order changes but these are the five that generally stay in the running.

Thanks so much for reading and happy holidays!

Much Love,



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