Senator Flake Discusses Free Trade, future of the Republican Party

By: Nicole Gimpl

Cronkite Special to

Free trade and Donald Trump were major talking points Friday afternoon at a community town hall with Senator Jeff Flake.

“One thing that has been very concerning this election season is that free trade has taken a beating,” said Flake. “For the first time, the top two candidates of both parties have used rhetoric against free trade. If we don’t trade, we die economically. Particularly for a state like ours that relies on cross border trade… it is a really scary prospect to not move forward either with Transatlantic Pacific Partnership or other multilateral free trade agreements.”

At the event, hosted by the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and The Congressman Ed Pastor Center for Politics & Public Service at Arizona State University, Arizona’s junior Senator expressed deep concern over discussions by this season’s presidential candidates of revisiting the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement, calling any interference with the agreement “devastating.” Upon further reference to the electoral season, he referred to it as “silly,” mentioning his lack of confidence in Trump as a good representation of the Republican party.

“I am a Republican, I am a conservative Republican, I would love to vote for a Republican to enter the White House, but given the kind of campaign our candidate has run and the kinds of positions he has espoused, I can’t do so,” said Flake. “I am very concerned about the future of the Republican party if we embrace the kinds of positions and rhetoric that has been used.”

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Published 8/29/2016


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