Phoenix bars’ liquor license applicatons denied

The City Council voted unanimously to deny Pink Bunnys the licenses because of the owner’s previous associations

After a recommendation from the Phoenix Police Department, the Phoenix City Council denied a bar under development to open in east Phoenix both its applications for liquor licenses.

The Council voted unanimously Wednesday to deny Pink Bunnys, 2438 E. McDowell Road, the licenses.

The applicant, Brett Cornelius, who owns several Phoenix area bars, was denied the liquor license because of his association with Carlos Aramburo, the former owner of the Pink Rhino Cabaret, another Phoenix bar, who was under investigation earlier this year.

Detective Gabriella Westfall said the police department recommended denial of the application because Cornelius failed to meet state law requirements that an applicant “demonstrates a satisfactory showing that he is reliable, capable and qualified to hold a liquor license.”

Published: 9/27/2016

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