ASU alumnus works to reimagine Phoenix

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 9.47.04 PM.png

Ten years ago this fall, Arizona State University’s downtown campus opened its doors for the first time and with it, the image – and residential composition – of downtown Phoenix’s core changed drastically. The city is making improvements to become more urban, and more friendly to a younger generation, but those changes are coming too slowly for local urban living advocates.

One of these advocates is architect and ASU alumnus Ryan Tempest who, after living in the Valley for nine years, has quickly become one of downtown Phoenix’s most eager and prominent voices for a dramatic shift toward urban living and architecture. He and his fiance, Quinn Whissen, formed their own downtown Phoenix advocacy group called This Could Be PHX.

This Could Be PHX in its own words, is “a community engagement and urban awareness group with a love for downtown Phoenix.” Their goal is to “envision, engage and inspire” people in downtown Phoenix to talk about urban living and gain more awareness for the benefits this type of living presents. They strive to “provide a creative platform for the community to envision the city we all want and start a constructive discussion in order to plant the seeds of our future.” The group holds community events that aren’t about networking or panel discussions, but rather about getting like-minded people in the same room to get them talking.

Read the rest of the story here!

Published: 10/19/2016


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