Phoenix Community Members Discuss the Intersection of Race and Religion

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By: Nicole Gimpl
Cronkite Special to

Phoenicians gathered for a town hall meeting at the First Congregational United Church of Christ in downtown Phoenix Tuesday night to discuss the many issues surrounding racism in the community.

“We are gathered here in this historic Arizona town hall at the intersections of race and religion.” Pastor Warren Stewart Sr. said. “[Those are to] one, confess collectively of this nation’s sin of systemic racism. Two, to repent of our nation’s sin of racism. And three, and probably most importantly, take action as a local community to begin to cure us from this terrible, terminal sin.”

Speakers in the panel were primarily community leaders, including Revs. Erin Tamayo – Director of Arizona Faith Network and Warren Stewart, Jr. – Remnant South Phoenix; as well as Peoria Commander Bruce Walls. Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton was also present at the town hall meeting. This group represented city government, police, the African American community and religious leaders.

Other members of the community scheduled to be there included members of the Latino community, but were unable to attend at the last minute. The group assembled to discuss how Phoenix could improve race relations in light of the Black Lives Matter movement.

“What can we do to really resolve all problems and move forward into the right direction,” Stanton said.

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Published: 11/3/2016


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