February 2017 | Love, Tissues & Books


I think I can speak for Zach and I when I say that we are extremely happy. As you may know, February means Valentine’s Day and Zach and I had a really cute set up for the holiday.

I made some really delicious Burst Tomato Pasta, a recipe I found on Pinterest and – despite Nikole throwing away the fresh mozzarella that I had bought – it was really good and I would definitely make it again. Maybe with less garlic.



I started to get sick about a week before Valentine’s Day, and let me tell you, that was really inconvenient because I was still a little sick on the actual day. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise though, because I’m always sick on Valentine’s Day. I’ve been sick on every Valentine’s Day since third grade I think. My mom thought it was just a superstition brought on by my anxiety but I don’t think that’s likely, especially since it happened again this year.


Last month, I watched the new Series of Unfortunate Events show on Netflix and this month, I started to reread the books.

I was informed earlier this year that you can check-out ebooks on your phone with your library card and I think that fact is going to change my life. I’ve also had to listen to an audiobook I checked out online. I have to say I’m not nearly as much of a fan of audiobooks as ebooks. I get distracted when listening to audiobooks. It’s like listening to music but if it starts to fade into the background, I miss something and then it’s like, what’s the point, you know?


VALENTINE’S DAY. Zach got me a teddy bear, chocolate covered strawberries and white roses. We had a lovely meal which we made.

On our ninth anniversary, we watched Alice in Wonderland,  the movie we saw on our first date.

Galentine’s Day was also very very awesome and amazing and cool and I love my friends.

My mom got me a Fitbit and I’m finally starting to really work at losing weight before I head off to HAWAII!


I was sick for the week leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Also I tripped on nothing when I was walking with people from my internship and skinned my knee like an idiot.


17 day meditation streak

4 day gym streak

3 new restaurants

6 books

New Things

 Taco Guild

One of the new restaurants I tried this month was Taco Guild at 7th St. and Osborn. I had chicken tacos and a pork taco. When you buy three, you get a side for free. So Nikole and I definitely did that. Also, this place has Mexican Coke, which is hand’s down the best kind of Coke on the market. 10/10 recommend.

The Teapot on 5th

The Teapot on 5th is an adorable little coffee shop in the Roosevelt Historic District that caters to families. There’s a little playground out back for the kids and the inside is so cute my mom couldn’t stop talking about it.

The Not So New


Pokèmon Go

Pokèmon Go released 80 new pokèmon and they are adorable and cute and just revamped my love for the game and it’s got me moving so much. This pic is from a beautiful sunset while I was out “hunting.”

Goals for Next Month

Lose weight

Keep skin clean

Don’t get sick

See you next month!




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