Impromptu Fun at Phoenix Improv Festival 2017

Improv is unpredictable and that’s exactly what makes it so compelling. The off-the-cuff, collaborative performance genre will be in the spotlight April 20-22 as the 16th Annual Phoenix Improv Festival takes the stage at downtown’s Herberger Theater Center. The three-day event will feature workshops and performances from local, national and international acts and will offer theater-goers a peek into how improvisation is performed locally and around the world.

Local improv groups performing include Light Rail Pirates, Mail Order Bride, GIF of the Magi and others. National groups include B.E.T.H. from Los Angeles, Natural Born Killaz from Detroit, The Cast from New York City and more.

The festival will also feature international ensemble performances with a group of improvisers from countries including Canada, Finland, The Netherlands, Germany, Australia and the U.S. The performances will be directed by Neil Curran of Ireland.

The full schedule of performances is available online, as well as information about performer workshops.

Read the full story here!

Published: 4.14.17

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 9.23.41 PM.png


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