Tattoo Takeover

This Sun Devil is drawing her own path in the tattooing scene.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 9.53.28 PM.png

The art of printmaking was what drew Bree Stoffer to Arizona State University. Unfortunately, she discovered it wasn’t her passion. After working at various coffee shops in the Valley, Stoffer quickly realized that tattooing was her real passion. At 21 years old, Stoffer entered the Roosevelt Golden Rule Tattoo location looking for an apprenticeship.

“Bree came into the shop about five years ago, with a stack of drawings looking for an apprenticeship,” Jason Freeman, a.k.a Jason Anthony, Stoffer’s mentor says. “I critiqued her stuff pretty hard but she wasn’t very deterred because she came back a week or so later with new drawings. This happened for about six months before I decided that she had the follow through to possibly finish out an apprenticeship.”

After apprenticing for two and a half years, Stoffer started tattooing without her mentor watching over her shoulder. She decided to stay close to home, continuing her work at Golden Rule Tattoo. She has now been tattooing for over a year and a half.

“Everybody at the shop taught me different things,” Stoffer says. “Jason Anthony was my mentor though.”

Anthony described Stoffer as “about the most awkward person” before she was comfortable in the tattoo shop.

“She was a fast learner though and before too long she was very comfortable being in the shop and her personality really started to shine through,” Stoffer says. “She was funny as shit and very much fit in with the vibe of the shop.”

Read the full story here!

Published online: 4.24.17


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