April 2017 | Nothing but blur

April is over? What the actual hell. It feels like I was just shocked by April 1. Where did the time go? I’m not even sure I can write a cohesive post about April because it went by so quickly. But for you dear reader, I will try. I owe it to my fan to continue these monthly posts.


Alrighty, let’s see what I can remember.


W O W. Almost forgot about opening day at Chase Field! The stadium was packed, the lightrail was disgusting, but I was with Zach so that made it all ok. Opening day was 100% fantastic. Ok, maybe like 95%. Our seats did end up on the side of the field where the late-afternoon sun shone the brightest, but the Dbacks won and everyone left happy. Zach and I went to another game on April 22, and we also won that game: 11-5 over the Dodgers. We actually saw someone get proposed to at that game.


finally got to spend a real holiday with Zach. We started off Easter with my family in Mesa and then spent the later part of the day with his family and it was cute and wonderful and probably a pretty good indication of what holidays might be like for us in the future.

I officially finished my internship with Downtown Phoenix Journal and I will cherish my time there and continue to help them out with whatever I can for the foreseeable future. They taught me so much, not only about online content, but about downtown Phoenix as well This internship was everything I dreamed it would be.

This month I got some exciting career news. Not only will I be interning at azcentral next semester, but I will also be the Digital Producer for State Press Magazine. Before that even happens though, I found out that I was one out of 108 applicants to receive an internship at the Phoenix Mayor’s Office this summer! My resume – the updated version of which is posted on my website – actually scares the crap out of me. There’s some pretty intimidating stuff on there.

THE SCHOOL YEAR IS OFFICIALLY OVER. Yay! No more classes, more time to make money and spend time at the Mayor’s Office, and more time to cuddle with Zach, watch Netflix and *maybe* go to the pool.


I’m really freaking out about the fact that I only have one more year of school left and then I am d o n e. Yikes. I’m definitely not ready to go out in the big wide world yet. No no no. I might be mature for my age, but I’m definitely not ready for that.

Nikole convinced me to go to Olive Garden and that was the worst mistake I think either of us has ever made because the food honestly made us sick to our stomachs, the chicken was like gooey or something and even the WATER, ugh. The WATER tasted awful. Never again.

New Things

I tried a BUNCH of new restaurants this month, and only managed to take pictures at a few places. Damn it.

Dough Bird


I saw stuff about this place non-stop before it actually opened and I have to say it let me down a tiny bit. The dough and the sauce were really good, but unfortunately, the pizzas we got were either just really weird flavors – Spiral Ham & Brussel Sprout (I know, not my choice) – or… no, you know what I’m pretty sure that was the problem. It’s definitely worth checking out.


How do I describe Creamistry? It’s hand-crafted ice cream that’s flash frozen with liquid nitrogen. It’s super expensive and delicious so if you’ve got the money to spend, definitely go for it, but I have to say the texture was weird. It was kind of gummy and chewy which, to me, is definitely not how ice cream is supposed to taste. I think my sophisticated palate enjoys the likes of Dairy Queen much more.


Ocotillo – Brunch


What’s pictured here isn’t even what I ordered – I got the sausage quiche – it’s what Zach ordered. If you go to brunch at Ocotillo and are a little intimidated by some of the items on the menu, I HIGHLY recommend the breakfast chimichanga. There honestly aren’t even words to describe how good it is, you just have to try it for yourself.

The Dressing Room

I went to The Dressing Room to celebrate the end of my semester as an intern at Downtown Phoenix Journal. It’s a tiny little restaurant attached to an art gallery. The menu is tiny and cute and there are so few things on the menu, you’d only have to go there a handful of times before you tried everything. And believe me, you’ll want to. I had the fish tacos and they were amazing! They had this avocado crema sauce drizzled on them that was to die for.

Oh and another NEW thing. As Nikole and I were walking to the lightrail one morning before work, we saw a freaking rooster just walking in front of the Steele Indian School Park sign.


His name was Harrison. We haven’t seen him since that day. We have begun to assume the worst. RIP little buddy.

And now that it’s officially May 1, there are only 30 more days until Zach, his family and I leave for KAUAI!!!!

See you next month,



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