Lorde is Back and Better Than Ever

Lorde just announced a few minutes ago that her next album will be released June 16th. In the same breath, she released a second single "Liability" from the new album.


The Maine // Bad Behavior Live 8123 Fest 

The Maine performs Bad Behavior Live for the first time. The song is the first single off their new album Lovely, Little, Lonely, out April 7.

The Last Shadow Puppets are “Everything You’ve Come to Expect” from Alex Turner

You might not recognize the band name, but the second the vocals emerge from a winding electric sound and catchy rhythm, you know you're listening to the one, the only, Alex Turner. The Last Shadow Puppets, what we're going to call the prequel band to The Arctic Monkeys, have only produced one album and that … Continue reading The Last Shadow Puppets are “Everything You’ve Come to Expect” from Alex Turner

If I Believe You // The 1975

In unusual fashion, my favorite song off of The 1975's newest album "I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it," is the longest. "If I Believe You" is a handcrafted masterpiece that has elements of almost every genre of music molded into one perfect entity. This is … Continue reading If I Believe You // The 1975

Finally understanding the 2008 recession thanks to “The Big Short”

*Spoilers within this article* Making the 2008 financial crisis much easier to understand for a younger audience, "The Big Short," based on the novel by Michael Lewis, dives deep into the pre-recession mind-set of bankers on Wall Street. It exposes the pompous and arrogant attitudes as well as the reckless behavior of these people as they … Continue reading Finally understanding the 2008 recession thanks to “The Big Short”

My Top 5 Christmas Classics

*This blog was originally written December 2nd and posted December 11th* It's that time of year again, folks. CHRISTMAS TIME is here once more. Yes, it is December 2nd as I write this post, a mere six days after this year's Thanksgiving, when across the country, Americans stuffed their faces with turkey, potatoes and stuffing … Continue reading My Top 5 Christmas Classics

Hello Adele, Welcome Back

  "Hello from the other side."  Ladies and Gentlemen: The queen of powerful, soulful music is finally back! Her highly anticipated album "25" arrives November 20 but guess what? Adele released the first single off her upcoming album "25" in the wee hours of October 23. "Hello" is a heart-wrenching story of looking back on … Continue reading Hello Adele, Welcome Back

Hey Nicole, What’s Good?

Oh, what? Glad someone asked. 🙃 Here are 5 Albums/EPs you should be listening to right now. Disclaimer: This list is strictly according to me and my taste in music. 1. Badlands // Halsey Why You Should Listen: If you love Lorde as much as I do, and that's a lot, then you need to … Continue reading Hey Nicole, What’s Good?

A Night at The Rebel Lounge with Zella Day

Local artist Zella Day stopped in Arizona September 17 at The Rebel Lounge in Phoenix as part of her "Kicker" North American tour which kicked off on July 23. And I was there to welcome her home. For those of you who've never been, The Rebel Lounge is a cozy venue formerly known as the Mason Jar. … Continue reading A Night at The Rebel Lounge with Zella Day